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Ceramic Workshop & Showroom 

by Dionysia Avouri

Marineika, Zakynthos




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  Dear customers,

  As you have probably noticed, I have recently build a new section with your images in Adamieion website. I got the idea after some of you send me photos with the ceramics you bought and how/where you have placed them in your houses.

  In the following pages you can browse through the images you have send. Most of them show only the ceramics, but there are some including both you and the ceramics.

  I will be very happy to receive your photos. I feel very satisfied by knowing that you really like my ceramics and that you decorate your house with them.

  By sending your photos you can also give ideas to other customers on how to use my creations for decoration.

  So, if you have a scanner or a digital camera e-mail  me your photos and I will upload them to my website. But even if you don't have such hardware/equipment you can still see your images on my website! Just send me copies of your photos and I will scan and upload them!

  Images must have dimensions at least 300X400 pixels and resolution 150dpi in order to accept them for web publishing.

  Start browsing through the images now by clicking next.



Dionysia M. Avouri



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