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Ceramic Workshop & Showroom 

by Dionysia Avouri

Marineika, Zakynthos




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The kiln room - first firing...


   Here you can see my kiln-room. I use two electrical kilns. The majority of the ceramics I make need to be fired twice. Each firing last for a whole night, about 10 hours. The temperature for first firing depends on the type of the clay and usually it is set from 1050-1250 oC (peek temperature).Then I have to wait for the temperature to fall in order to open the kiln. This usually takes 2 days during summer, when the outside temperature is high. I can open the door only if temperature falls at around 150-160 oC because otherwise ceramics will crack due to the thermal shock!!

   I have to put ceramics in the kiln in shelves in the way you see in the images. Care is taken for ceramics not to be in contact with the electric elements.

   After first firing ceramics are white, hard like stone but not ready for use as they have pores on their surface. These pores are not closed before glaze is applied...


This is a view of the inside of the kiln during firing, through the small hole located on the front door ...









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