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Ceramic Workshop & Showroom 

by Dionysia Avouri

Marineika, Zakynthos




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A few words about me & my workshop...


  I build my workshop in my own property among big olive trees and wine grows.

  My family lives in Marineika for about four centuries. Marinos Avouris was the first who came to live in this area. Actually, the name of the village (Marineika) comes from his first name. Marineika means : "the place of Marinos" or "the place where Marinos lives". For all these centuries my family worked on the land, our main products being olive oil, Corinth raisins, wine, lemons etc. 

My father (who also has the name Marinos Avouris) is also a farmer keeping the tradition of my family.

  Some of the olive trees you will see on your way to my workshop are more than 1000 years old!!! We call them Dopies (it means something like "local", "native"). You can recognize them by their big-thick main branches and the way the split like being two or three different trees. 

   If you like olive oil, or if you can't find  organic extra fine olive oil in your country, you can make a special gift to you and your family! You can  find here  organic virgin olive oil , product of my father, Marinos D.

Avouris. So don't forget  to ask me!

   You can also find here wine of best quality, also product of my father.    

   You can visit my workshop by car from Zakynthos  town (distance 4 Km), or after a pleasant walk (25 minutes) among olive trees from Tsilivi. There are three different paths (all with magnificent view of the inner part of Zakynthos island towards Laganas Bay) which bring you to my workshop from Tsilivi beach. For details on how to find my workshop visit the page of Zakynthos Map.





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